Contract freight simplified

GoodShip is how shippers and carriers digitally procure, measure, and optimize contract business more easily and accurately than ever before.

GoodShip gives you the power of a whole team

Take control with always-on visibility

Looking good to your boss has never been easier. With real-time analytics on the performance of every lane and carrier, you can keep stakeholders in-the-know and take action fast with AI-powered insights, automated reports, scorecards, and more.

Put procurement on cruise control

Making the right moves has never been so simple. GoodShip helps you optimize your freight spend and discover new capacity with self-correcting RFP contracts and strategic carrier recommendations.

Stay ahead with real-time market rates

When the market shifts, so should you. GoodShip’s platform ensures you’re buying competitively with the latest rate data, and even automatically renegotiates rates when the market pulls a fast one.

Collaborate seamlessly with your carriers

Stay on the same page and eliminate the back and forth. With GoodShip's single source of truth, your team and your carrier partners take action directly on the platform with all the information they need. No more conflicting data sets or confusing email threads.



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